Wind Measuring

The Power of the Wind – Fundamental Knowledge

The power contained in the wind depends mainly on the rotor area where the wind flows through and on the velocity of the wind.

The energy content of the wind varies with the third power of the average wind speed. Hence the knowledge of the wind potential is one of the most important issues for the evaluation of economic efficiency of every wind energy project.

To get the best results of a wind measuring, calibrated anemometer should be installed at the hub height of the planned wind turbine generator.
The hub height of the wind turbines are often not fixed at the beginning of the measurements and further the installation of a high wind measuring mast is very complex and cost intensive. This is why most of the wind masts are installed in lower heights, mostly in a range of 30m and 50m. The measured data of these stations have to be calculated later on to the hub height of the wind energy converter. These calculations are difficult and need besides special software also the experience of a consultant.

IPEK energy offers you:

  • Determination of location for wind measurements
  • Tendering and evaluation of meteorological station according to the requirements of IEC and the legal requirements in the specific countries
  • Supervision of erection of the mast and the installation of the equipment
  • Downloading of the measured data via GSM/GPRS and even manually
  • Consequently check of the collected data and permanent reporting
  • Determination of the wind potential and energy production of wind turbine generator based on the measured data
  • Preparing of wind energy maps for the planned wind farm area
  • Delivery and installation of complete high quality wind measuring systems up to 100m
  • Delivery and installation of ready to use LIDAR or SODAR wind measuring systems

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