Successful projects are not random but assured if developed carefully.

Ideally by starting at the very earliest stages of a project IPEK draw upon its expertise in the financial aspects of wind farm development, combined with our expertise, to reduce the development and planning risks and to ensure that you have a professional developed and financially viable wind energy project.

IPEK energy provides

  • fully transparent service tailored to the needs of each market
  • innovative and bankable solutions tuned to each specific project
  • instruments to decide whether to progress the project
  • selection and verification of the project site
  • identify development opportunities
  • identify and reduce development and planning risks
  • prevent unnecessary expenditure during the entire stages of a project

The result of the feasibility study will provides the investor with clear and well-supported arguments to make a final investment decision.

We provide a fully transparent service tailored to the needs of each market whereas depending on the scope of the project each of the following services can be ordered separately or all together:

Site selection

  • potential site identification
  • selection and screening studies
  • grid connection possibilities
  • access possibilities to the site


  • wind resources at site
  • investigation of key technical, environmental and planning constraints including noise, shadow, transportation, crane availabilities, access and electricity grid constraints
  • selection of wind turbines and preliminary layout design
  • preliminary energy yield and financial modelling
  • detailed feasibility study
  • wind resource modelling
  • energy yield estimates
  • detailed assessment of key technical, environmental and planning risks, including:
    • Shadow flicker modelling
    • Noise modelling and background noise measurement
    • Visualisations (Zone of Theoretical Visual Influence (ZTVI), wireframe and photomontages)
    • 3D visualisations and fly-through animations
    • Transport and access, including swept path analysis and route inspection
    • Telecommunications
    • Grid connection
    • Soil studies
    • Tide studies
    • EIA studies
  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Consultation with all necessary authorities
  • Project design and layout optimisation
  • Detailed financial modelling

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