… single source solution for Wind Farm Engineering

Identifying a site with good wind conditions is only one of plenty factors for the economic success of a wind farm project.
But there are also some other important steps to come to the take over of the wind farm project, e.g.: determine the optimum wind turbine generator at the specific site, the tendering process, contract negotiating, financial conditions, supervision of the construction, etc..

Each of our projects is advised by experienced specialists who consequentially refer as well as to your expectations and requirements and the international markets.

All operations are in detail examined from technical, ecological and economical views to make your projects a success.

IPEK energy provides

  • Bankable project feasibility studies
  • Preparing of project structure plan and time schedules
  • Preparation of planning concepts on basis of wind farm area and grid interconnection
  • Preparation of the wind farm layout including design of the whole infrastructure (foundation design, access roads, internal roads and access roads, crane places, internal and external electrical system, grid interconnection, planning of substation)
  • Energy production assessment of the wind farm
  • Preparing of tender documents for wind measuring, soil and tide studies, foundations, wind turbines civil works, transformers, substation, transport specifications, etc.
  • Tendering, evaluation of the tenders and Contract negotiations
  • Preparation of cost estimates and financial models
  • Preparation of environmental studies
  • Support for international financing
  • Supervision of the whole development and construction period
  • Acceptances test and take over of the wind farm
  • Power curve measuring
  • Technical business management after commissioning

We are international well experienced consultants in coordination of all project stakeholders, lenders, legal counsels, ecologists, vendors and local communities especially in emerging countries with little or even without any renewable energy regulations.
We combine German engineering skills with oriental ideas thus we always offer innovative but bankable solutions based on the needs of the local authorities and international lenders.