Energy Yield

Energy Yield Calculations

The determination of wind potential forms the basis for the prognosis of the expected energy yield.

Knowledge of the long-term mean wind speed, turbulence intensity, extreme wind speed and other site parameters are the fundamental basis of the evaluation of economic efficiency of every wind energy project.

The use of these information are necessary to select the optimum wind energy converter, also called wind turbine, especially for the proposed wind farm site.

By using of approved software methods and site wind measurements we offer fast and bankable wind energy yield reports.

IPEK energy offers:

  • Site inspections to minimize the overall uncertainty and to collect the necessary input data
  • Analysis of existing data to determine the long-term wind conditions and the vertical wind profile
  • Long-term correlation and evaluation of site wind measuring by using approved software methods
  • Calculation of the assessed wind conditions to the planned location of each wind converter and hub heights
  • Determination of the energy yields of a wind farm with consideration of the wake effects
  • Detailed analysis of the overall uncertainty
  • Pre-evaluation of expected uncertainties for different methods of energy yield assessment
  • Risk evaluation and risk analysis by determination of the exceedance probability of certain annual energy yields
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Recommendation on configurations for the micro-siting