Due Diligence

… basis for a reliable Wind Farm Planning 

As investor you need to be certain that the offered project has been planned with the highest possible reliability. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to have the planning documents and the project risks assessed by independent experts.

During such an assessment the individual risks will be identified, quantified, and sometimes can be reduced already at this early stage by corrective action or by implementing additional measures.

IPEK energy offers you:

  • Assessment and if necessary correction of the input data, methods and results of the existing energy yield prognoses
  • Verification and if necessary, correction of wind measurements
  • Verification and if necessary adjustment of assumptions based on the wind index or annual wind fluctuations
  • Quantification of uncertainties in calculation,development of measures with cost-benefit analysis in order to reduce such uncertainties
  • Analysis of the risk of reduced energy yield by showing the exceedance level of the energy yield
  • Verification and assessment of the power curve
  • Checking of sales and warranty contracts
  • Checking of permit documents and third party agreements
  • Wind farm optimisation for optimised yield and minimised loss of power/investment cost
  • Assessment of wind turbine technology, estimates for maintenance and incidental investment expenses
  • Site selection and verification, checking of lease contracts

IPEK is a very experienced consultancy company, when it comes to evaluating projects in countries where wind or solar energy is still a relatively new industry with many hurdles still to overcome.
While combining German engineering to identify possible risks with our oriental flexibility we always offer innovative but bankable solutions.