multi-national … multi-lingual … multi-discipline …

… one team

Our expertise, combined with many years of experience, guarantees fast development and successful construction of bankable projects.

Specialists from different fields and scientific disciplines enable IPEK to undertake infrastructure projects of virtually any magnitude and complexity, including those featuring modern technology as well as those demanding the development and implementation of innovative methodologies. Thus, IPEK can provide qualified integrated services from a single and reliable source which has the depth of experience to work at all levels of involvement.

The project-oriented team members of various disciplines are used to work in interdisciplinary teams and in foreign cultures. They are guided by experienced and motivated Project Managers, who are able to offer a closely controlled level of project administration for optimised technical and commercial solutions.

Successful solutions of complex technical tasks require comprehensive and co-ordinated approaches, and interdisciplinary procedures. In order to advise clients in infrastructure projects, expertise in various disciplines of engineering, natural science and project economics is necessary.
Approximately 90% of our network have completed university studies in diverse fields of specialisation, such as structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, data processing, architecture, geotechnics, mathematics, physics, economics and sociology, to name but a few.

We speak the language of our Clients. We speak Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Sindhi, Turkish and Urdu …